Add Live Chat to Self Service with Social Intents

Social Intents logo

4me now makes it easy to add Social Intents to the 4me Self Service homepage.  When activated, anyone who accesses the 4me Self Service homepage will be able to start a chat session using the Social Intents conversion popup.  The user’s name and email address are automatically filled in by 4me, so the conversation can start right away.

This live chat capability is fundamentally different from the 4me Virtual Agent in that it connects the user to a human agent.

4me Self Service homepage with Social Intents integration activated

Once someone has started a chat conversation from the 4me Self Service homepage, a service desk analyst can pick it up in the web dashboard of Social Intents.  Alternatively, agents can use the chat interface of Microsoft Teams or Slack if that is what their team is more comfortable with.  Either way, if an action still needs to be taken at the end of a chat conversation, the service desk analyst can open a new request, copy the conversation into the Note field and assign the request to the team that should be able to complete it.

Setting up the integration with Social Intents is super easy.  An administrator of the 4me account in which the self service design is maintained (usually in the organization’s directory account) can do this by going to the Settings console and opening the ‘Apps’ section.

Activate Social Intents in 4me

Below the ‘Social Intents’ header, just one hyperlink from the organization’s Social Intents account needs to be entered to get Social Intents to pop up when someone visits the 4me Self Service homepage.