Add MS Teams Chat Link to Person Records Using SCIM

Microsoft Teams4me’s SCIM provisioning capabilities have been extended to make it possible for organizations to automatically include a link for starting a Microsoft Teams chat session in each 4me person record.

Using SCIM, it is possible to add the following attribute to each SCIM user record in 4me (where is replaced with each person’s actual email address):


Having this attribute available in each SCIM user record, allows it to be picked up by the SCIM user automation rules.  The following expression can then be added to the SCIM user automation rules:

SCIM  MS Teams ims expression in automation rules

In turn, this expression can then be used in the same automation rule to define an action that adds the Microsoft Teams chat link to each 4me person record:

SCIM  User to 4me person mapping action in automation rules

Note that the first part of the value is used to identify the protocol (telephone, email, chat or website) for the information that is to be added to the ‘Contacts Details’ section of a person record.

  • email:4me protocol is set to email
  • http: or https:4me protocol is set to website
  • msteams:4me protocol is set to chat
  • slack:4me protocol is set to chat
  • skype:4me protocol is set to telephone
  • everything else – 4me protocol is set to telephone

Microsoft Teams link in 4me person record

Having a link available in each person record to quickly start an MS Teams chat session with a colleague can be very useful, especially when specialists want to ask each other a quick question.