Add a Person Field to Your UI Extensions

UI ExtensionA new field type has been made available for UI extensions. It is called ‘person-suggest’ and it provides an easy way to add a field in which a person can be selected.

Person Suggest field UI extension snippet
A person-suggest field allows users to select the same people who can be selected when they are submitting a request on behalf of someone else in Self Service. In other words:

  • A user from an internal organization can select any person who is registered in his/her 4me account or in any of its support domain accounts.
  • A user from an external organization can only select a person of that external organization.

Because it is a suggest field, users can look up the person they want to select by entering the first few characters of this person’s first name, last name and/or organization name.
UI extension example with person suggest field
It is even possible to find the person to select by entering his/her Support ID.