Add Reports Directly to Dashboards


Reports, including all selected filters and other presentation options, can now be directly added to existing or new dashboards.  This eliminates the need for a specialist to recreate these choices when the report needs to be included in a dashboard.

After having prepared a report that must be placed in a dashboard, the specialist can click the Actions button.  This will open the Actions menu for reports, including the option ‘Add to Dashboard…’.

Report to dashboard

The specialist can now choose to add the report to one of the available dashboards, or to create a new dashboard from this report.  To do that, the suggestion field for dashboards must be left blank.

Choose dashboard for report

Specialists can select non-shared dashboards that are created by them.  Account administrators and account designers can, in addition, also select shared dashboards in the account of the report.

When a report is added to a dashboard that has filters defined on the dashboard level, these dashboard filters are inherited by the report.  When there is a conflict (for example, both the dashboard and the report have a filter on “Impact”), then the dashboard filter takes precedence.