Add Watchers to Requests Automatically


Since the release of the enhancement that made it possible to add people to the watchlist of a request, while also being able to see who is watching that request, the use of the Watchlist functionality has grown rapidly.

So far, it has only been possible to manually add people to watches. In many cases, the need to have a specific person following the updates around a request arises spontaneously. In other cases, though, it can be helpful to add someone to a watch from the start. This can be the case for top level incidents, for example. In such a case, or any other case where a specific set of rules can be defined for involving a specific person, it can be helpful to be able to add them automatically.

Automation rules can now access the watches for a request, as illustrated by the following example:

Add to watches automation

Watches can also be added, updated, and removed by API.