Added Updates Column to Current Usage

Person finance

Directory administrators can see the activity and usage of the people registered in their directory and support domain accounts in the ‘Current Usage’ section of the Settings console. A new column has now been added to the ‘Current Usage’ view. The ‘Updates’ column presents the number of updates made per user in the current month. This information can be useful for organizations to evaluate their license consumption and identify inactive specialists. As can be seen in the example below, where several columns were omitted for illustrative purposes, the ‘Updates’ column is sortable.

Current usage updates column

Not all updates to the system are included in the ‘Updates’ column. Deletion of records, approving tasks and updating requests where the user is the ‘requested by’ or ‘requested for’ are not counted, for example. The download of ‘Current billable users’ from the ‘Billable Users’ view also includes an ‘Updates’ column in the CSV output file.

Billable users download csv