Adding a Little Color

LogIn the views of the Records console, the color behind the targets of requests, problems and tasks now varies depending on how close they are to their due date. The colors and thresholds in these views are exactly the same as in the Inbox views.

For those of you who are interested, the exact thresholds are:

No colormore than 60 minutes from target
Yellowbetween 60 minutes from target and 20 minutes from target
Orangebetween 20 minutes from target until target
Redover target

We have done something similar for the Target column of the views that list the changes and releases.

All Changes view with due colors
Because the life cycles of changes and release are typically longer, their thresholds are a little different:

No colormore than 24 hours from target
Yellowbetween 24 hours from target and 4 hours from target
Orangebetween 4 hours from target until target
Redover target