Adding Time for Others

Time entryManagers (and their substitutes) use the ‘Timesheets’ section of the Analytics console to review the timesheets of the people who belong to their organization. It was already possible for them to adjust the time entries that they review. Now they can also add time entries when they are reviewing someone’s timesheet.

Pressing the big + icon next to the total number of workdays opens a new time entry for the selected day.

Timesheet with 1-day selected
When a week is selected, the blue + icon next to the weekly total can be pressed. That opens the ‘Add Time Entries for Week‘ form, which allows time to be added for a whole week with a single update.

Timesheet with 1-week selected
Adding time on behalf of an employee can be useful, for example in cases where an employee has been ill for a few days. When this happens at the end of the month and the timesheets need to be locked to start the billing cycle, the manager can add the time on medical leave without having to interrupt the employee’s recovery.