Administrator Rights Extended

RolesSince the introduction of the Account Designer role, there is no longer a practical reason to limit the access rights that the Account Administrator role provides.

This role is now able to create and edit the following record types:

  • Request
  • Knowledge article
  • Problem
  • Change
  • Change template
  • Task template
  • Project template
  • Project task template
  • Configuration item
  • Invoice

Regular 4me users should no longer have the Account Administrator role linked to their person record. Ideally, this role should be given only to special person records that are used to access 4me when the setup of the account needs to be adjusted, or to provide the access rights needed by integrations.

Because a person record to which the Account Administrator role has been given can give itself all other roles of the account, this role may as well have all the access rights that these roles provide. Ultimately, therefore, the goal is to ensure that the Account Administrator role, as well as the Directory Administrator role, can create and update all record types in their account.