Admins Can Reset 2FA for Users

Personal Security

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an identity and access management security method that requires two forms of identification to access data. Users of the 4me® Service can set up 2FA to securely access 4me, from the ‘Access & Security’ section under the My Profile settings.

2fa settings

Sometimes, a user who has set up two-factor authentication loses the device on which the authenticator app was installed. Until now, it would be impossible for that user to regain access to 4me, without contacting the 4me Service Desk. It is now possible for a person with the Account Administrator (or Directory Administrator) role to reset (in effect: disable) 2FA for a user of the account. For this, the adminstrator needs to navigate to the relevant person record and go to the Actions menu, where a new option ‘Reset 2FA’ is available if that person has 2FA set up.

Reset 2fa admin

After resetting 2FA this way, the user can log in again using just the email address and password. Two-factor authentication can then be set up again from ‘My Profile’.