AI Feature: Knowledge Article Suggestion


When a request or a problem is resolved, it is good practice to check if a knowledge article for that issue already exists and if not, to create one. This is facilitated in 4me by the ‘Create Knowledge Article’ option in the note actions menu (the 3 dots next to a note). Selecting it opens the Knowledge Article form in edit mode, with the contents of that notepasted in the instructions field, ready to be edited by the specialist.

Oftentimes though, the solution to a request or problem is not written in a single note. A powerful AI feature has now been added to the Knowledge Article form, suggesting a subject, description and the instructions for the desired knowledge article, based on all the notes from that record. This feature is invoked automatically when creating a knowledge article from a note within a request of problem, if the 4me +AI App from the App Store was added to the account.

AI knowledge creation

As mentioned, the three fields are only suggested by the AI: to accept each of them, the arrow next to the suggestion should be pressed. Then, it is still possible to edit the suggested text. Before saving, AI suggestions should always be checked for correctness, completeness, and appropriateness.

Accept AI KA suggestion