AI Feature: Request Summaries


When a request has quite a few notes already and is then reassigned to another team or person, it can take some time for the person who picks it up to read through all the request’s notes. To help this specialist quickly understand the request’s progress to date, a summary of the request is now automatically created if the free 4me +AI App * from the App Store was added to the account.

(* This has changed since originally creating this blog post. Nowadays, an account setting is used)

The summary is generated after a new note is added to a request and if at least five notes are present in the request and will be updated after each additional note. It is displayed at the top of the request so that when a specialist opens the ticket, it is immediately clear what the current situation is.

AI request summary

Request summaries are composed in the account’s language and auto-translated for users with other language preferences, while considering all notes provided in various languages. They are presented with a purple background. As information has to be sent outside of 4me, they can take a few seconds to appear and the request may need to be refreshed to display the latest version.