AI Suggestions to Improve Knowledge Articles


In the context of customer support, ‘shift left’ refers to the practice of moving certain support-related activities and responsibilities closer to the beginning of the customer journey or support process. The goal is to address customer issues and provide assistance as early as possible in the support workflow, empowering users to find solutions independently, which both increases satisfaction and cuts costs. Knowledge articles can play an important role in this. Well written knowledge articles make all the difference. And generative AI happens to be great at writing them.

Improve article

Knowledge managers who browse through the account’s knowledge articles from one of the ‘Knowledge Article’ views now see a Suggest Improvement button, if the account they work in has the 4me +AI option enabled in the Account Settings. Pressing the button opens the Knowledge Article in ‘edit’ mode. The 4me +AI helper immediately starts to work on suggestions for both the Subject, the Description, and the Instructions fields, and show these in the purple boxes to the right of those fields.

Improve knowledge article AI

Each of these three fields can now simply be updated with the AI’s suggestion by pressing the arrow between the current text and the suggested text. The AI is especially good in rewriting knowledge articles that provide step by step instructions.