All People Can Add Notes via Email

EmailIn the past, when someone would send an email to the email address of a 4me account or team, and this email’s subject contained the ID of an existing request, and this person was not authorized to access the request, then this email would not get processed by 4me’s Mail API.
This was unfortunate, for example, in the following scenario:
Someone submitted a new request. This caused 4me to send a confirmation to the requester with the ID of the request in the subject. The requester subsequently replied to this email to provide some additional information and placed a colleague in Cc. This colleague then did a ‘reply to all’ in response.
From now on, this response will get added as a note to the request, provided that the colleague has an enabled person record in one of the 4me accounts of the support organizations that have access to the request, or the directory accounts of these 4me accounts.
This ensures that the email conversation about the request gets captured in the request. The same logic is applied by the Mail API for inbound email with the ID of a problem, release, change, change task, project or project task in its subject. Details about how the Mail API processes inbound email and adds notes to existing records can be found in the 4me Development documentation.