Allow External Provider to Select Any Approver


The unique ability that allows 4me customers to link up their 4me accounts with the 4me accounts of their managed service providers (MSPs) can be found in the ‘Account Trusts’ section of the Settings console.  There, a new configuration option has been added that makes it possible for a 4me customer to allow the change managers of a trusted MSP to assign approval tasks to any person who is registered in the customer’s 4me account or in the customer’s directory account.

Trusted account can assign change approval tasks to anyone of us

The trust configuration option that already existed to allow a provider’s change managers to assign change tasks to the customer has been renamed so that it is clear that this only allows the provider to assign change tasks to the people who have the Key Contact role or the Specialist role of the customer’s 4me account.  By only checking this option, the provider can assign change approval tasks to all of the customer’s key contacts and specialists.  In addition, it allows the provider to assign risk & impact tasks and implementation tasks to the specialists who are a member of one of the customer’s teams.

So, this trust option still offers the same capability to the change managers of a trusted account; it is just that the label of the checkbox has been adjusted to make its purpose easier to understand.  The same adjustment has been made to the label of the option that gives project managers of a trusted account the ability to pass project tasks to key contacts and specialists of the account that activated the option.

If none of the options are activated, a provider can still assign approval tasks of its changes and projects to the people of its customers who are selected in the Customer representative field of the provider’s active SLAs.  This does, of course, require the provider’s 4me account to be on a pricing plan that includes change management or project management in order to receive change tasks or project tasks.