Allow Key Contacts to See Assignee of Requests

TeamBy default, 4me does not allow end users to see who is working on their requests.  This reduces the risk of specialists being interrupted by end users reaching out directly to them.  In most support organizations, the service desk is there as the single point of contact for end users.

Some service providers, however, have a corporate culture of transparency.  They may want to give key contacts, who have the ability to see all requests submitted by the people of their organization, permission to see which specialists are working on these requests.  For such service providers, an additional option has become available in the ‘Self Service Settings’ section of the Settings console.

Self Service Settings option - Allow key contacts to see assignee of requests

Checking this option ensures that the Member field becomes visible when someone opens a request in 4me Self Service and this person has the Key Contact role of the account in which the request is registered.

Member field of request visible to key contact in 4me Self Service

With the Member field visible, a key contact is able to mention the specialist to which the request is assigned.  The contact details, such as the specialist’s email addresses or telephone numbers, do not become available to key contacts when this new self-service option is activated.