Allow Overtime

Timesheet settingsThe new Time Tracking functionality allows organizations to specify the number of work hours in a day and in a week. This makes it possible for 4me to automatically fill out the day’s remaining time when someone is registering a new time entry.


It also allows the value in the Time Spent Today button to be presented as a percentage of a normal workday.

Apart from the duration of a workday and workweek, organization can also indicate in their timesheet settings whether their employees are allowed to register more time than there are work hours in a day or week. In the past this could be done by checking the ‘Allow overtime’ box. From now on, organizations can be more specific, because this checkbox has been replaced by two separate boxes: ‘Allow workday overtime’ and ‘Allow workweek overtime’.


This makes it possible for organizations to, for example, limit the time that their employees can register to 8 hours per day, but to still allow these people to add up to 8 hours for a Sunday maintenance window after they already registered 40 hours for Monday through Friday.