Allow Providers to Register Requests for Your Specialists

Service DeskIn the past, when an enterprise organization and one of its managed service providers (MSPs) each had their own 4me account, and a specialist of the customer organization would call the MSP to report an issue, the MSP would have to ask the customer’s specialist to submit the incident by registering a new request in 4me.  The only way the MSP could register the request for the customer would be for the customer to share its Service Desk Analyst role with the MSP, but that would give the MSP access to almost all information in the customer’s account.
To make collaboration feel more seamless, a customer can now allow its MSPs to register new requests for the customer’s specialists without having to give the MSPs access to the customer’s 4me account.  An administrator of the customer’s 4me account can give this ability to an MSP in the ‘Account Trusts’ section of the Settings console.  There, the account administrator will see that a new option has become available.  It is this new option that can be used to give the MSP’s service desk analysts the ability to register new requests for the customer’s specialists.
A new account trust option to allow trusted account to register requests
By default, this option is unchecked.  That’s because checking this option gives the MSP’s service desk analysts the ability to see the names and contact details of the customer’s specialists.
MSP selects customer specialist in Service Desk consoleOnce this option is checked, though, anyone who has the Service Desk Analyst role of the MSP’s 4me account can go to the Service Desk console and select any person who has the Specialist role of the customer’s 4me account.
It is important to note here that when a request is registered by the MSP for a specialist of one of its customers, this request is stored in the customer’s 4me account.  This ensures that the customer organization still owns the request, even though the MSP is able to work on it.
For specialists it can make a big difference when they are able to report an issue by phone, especially when they are under a lot of pressure and do not quite know what information to gather to help the responsible MSP resolve the incident quickly.  When they can call the external provider, the service desk analysts of the provider can talk them through the initial investigation.  This can minimize the time to resolution, while also eliminating much of the stress.