Allow Single Sign-On and 4me Passwords

Key4me’s single sign-on (SSO) functionality has been extended further to provide even more flexibility. Enterprises could already integrate their 4me directory account with multiple identity providers (such as Azure AD, Okta and OneLogin). Now they can give each of these SSO integrations a name using the Name field that has been added to the Single Sign-On Configuration form.

Single sign-on configuration Name field

This ability to provide each SSO configuration with a user-friendly name has been provided to support another SSO enhancement that has become available. This enhancement makes it possible for organizations to allow their 4me users to either select one of the organization’s identity providers, or use their 4me password to log in.

Two new checkboxes have been added for this. By leaving the IP ranges field empty and checking the new ‘Inside these IP ranges’ box, 4me will always show its normal login page for any sign in requests originating from any IP address. But this login screen will offer the extra option to use the single sign-on configuration.

Single sign-on configuration that allows 4me passwords to be used

4me login page with multiple single sign-on (SSO) optionsBy setting up multiple single sign-on configurations, users can be offered multiple single sign-on options on the 4me login page.

By specifying a range, or multiple ranges, of IP addresses in the IP ranges field, it is possible to make sure that people within those ranges have the option to sign in with either their 4me password or by using this SSO configuration.

The new ‘Outside these IP ranges’ box can be checked when the organization wants to offer its 4me users the option to sign in to 4me with this SSO configuration or with their 4me password when they are traveling and not able to connect to the corporate network.