Anonymous Login (Whistleblowing feature)

Personal Security

Since the end of last year, the EU Whistleblower Directive came into force. According to the Directive, organizations must implement internal reporting channels. These have to be designed and operated in such a manner that it provides for anonymous reporting, protects the identity of the reporter, is not accessible for non-authorized staff members and provides for diligent follow-up on the report by a designated person or department.

Guest login

With the newly introduced possibility to log in as a guest, 4me now has all the necessary functionality to also be used as a whistleblowing platform, allowing people to anonymously report misconduct or wrongdoing. When a guest user presses the Continue as a Guest button in the login screen, he or she is directed to the self-service portal. From there, the user can, completely anonymously, register a new request.

To allow people to log in as a guest, the new setting ‘Allow guests to register anonymously’ must be set in the ‘Self Service Settings’ section of the settings console. Under that setting is a link to configure the ‘Guest’ person record.

Guest login self service settings

The ‘Guest’ person record is a template for each guest that logs in. This template can be edited to configure the guests’ names, organization, preferences, and coverage in the account. Whatever name is chosen, this is used as a prefix with a postfixed number (‘Guest 1’, ‘Guest 2’, etc).