Another CTI Improvement

Service Desk4me’s computer telephony integration (CTI) feature has been refined a little more for organizations that use an automatic call distributor (ACD) to collect, for example, a customer number from the caller before passing the call to the next available agent.

When this customer number is specified in the Support ID field of the contact person of the customer organization, then this person is automatically selected in the User field of the Service Desk console as soon as the agent accepts the call. When multiple people of the same customer organization are allowed to contact the service desk, then these people are listed as options for the service desk analyst to choose from.

But what if many people of each customer organization are allowed to contact the service desk? In that case it would be nice if the service desk analyst is able to filter the options by both the customer number and part of the caller’s first or last name.

Inbound call with Support ID
This is now made easy by automatically entering the customer number in the User field of the service desk console. The customer number is followed by a space and the cursor is placed at the end of it so that the agent can immediately start typing the first part of the caller’s name.