Another Source of Requests

SmartphoneIt is now possible for organizations to see how many requests have been submitted using the 4me App. The Source field of such requests used to be set to ‘4me Self Service’. Going forward, the value ‘4me App’ is set automatically in the Source field of any request that has been registered using the 4me App on a smartphone or iPad.

Registered Requests by Source report

The Source field of any request submitted using 4me Self Service, including any request submitted using a web browser on a smartphone, still automatically gets set to the value ‘4me Self Service’. The list of default Source field values is now:

  • 4me
  • 4me App
  • 4me Self Service
  • Email

Please note that Organizations can also specify their own values in the Source field of their requests. For example, when a request is generated automatically by a monitoring tool, the name of this monitoring tool can be specified in the Source field. The number of requests generated for events that were passed on to 4me by this monitoring tool can then be tracked easily using the Registered Requests by Source report.