Applied Knowledge Articles Stored Per Account


A subtle but for knowledge management important change has been made to the way knowledge articles are stored within a request. One of the strengths of 4me® is the ease of assigning requests to teams of other, trusted accounts. Just as some other information of those requests, which can differ depending on the account from which the request is viewed, the application of knowledge articles (KAs) to a request is now also stored per account.

Imagine, for example, an incident which was first assigned to the first line support team of an account, but then forwarded to a team from a trusted account, and that both accounts can see and use the same knowledge articles. When that last team completes the request using one of the knowledge articles, this is then visualized in the report ‘Knowledge Article Link Rate’ in their account.

KA link rate

Until now, the application of the knowledge article would also count as a ‘Request completion with knowledge article’ in the account of the first line team, even though they did not apply the knowledge article. This has now changed. This also means that the application of a KA by a team of a trusted account is also only counted in the ‘Usage’ section of the article in that trusted account.

Knowledge article applied