Approve and Reject Buttons Always Enabled


Last week, a new field was added to the task templates, making it possible to add a note to an approval task, or make a note required when completing any other (project) task. In the Specialist Interface, this could cause the Approve and Reject buttons to sometimes be grayed out, forcing the approver to open the task in Edit mode. To make it more apparent for the approver whether another action is required, this has now been adjusted.

Approve reject buttons

When an action is necessary before approving or rejecting a (project) task, the Approve or Reject button may be used normally. Depending on the situation, one of the following scenarios can then occur:

When a note is required on approval and the task does not contain a UI extension, a popup appears for the required note.

Popop required note

When the task contains custom fields, the task form is opened in edit mode where the status is already preset to approved or rejected, depending on which button was pressed.