Ask for Clarification in Approval Tasks


It was already possible to set a task in the status ‘Waiting for Customer’ (WFC) for Risk & Impact and Implementation tasks. Now, it is also possible to do this for Approval tasks. This makes it possible for the approver to request clarification, instead of just rejecting the task because not all required information is provided. Setting an approval task to ‘Waiting for Customer’ instead of ‘Rejected’ has the advantage that the complete workflow does not come to a halt.

Approval wfc

The WFC status can only be set on tasks of workflows that were created from a request, which is set to the status ‘Workflow Pending’. When multiple approvers are needed to approve the task, only the current task is set to ‘Waiting for Customer’ when additional clarification is needed. If the workflow manager (who is not an approver) sets an approval task to WFC, all open approvals are set to WFC. After a task is set to WFC, a required Note field becomes available.

Approve reject

In 4me Self Service, clarification can be requested by first selecting the Thumbs down button. After the approver has selected that button, it becomes possible to select either ‘Reject’ (which is the default option), or ‘Ask for clarification’. After filling in the required Note field and pressing the Ask for clarification button, the approval task is set to the status ‘Waiting for Customer’. The task is then returned to the requester. When that person adds a clarifying note, the task is reassigned to the approver.

Clarification approval