Asset Selection in Self Service

Request TemplateWhen you are editing a request template, you may notice that a checkbox has been added just below the Configuration item field. You can check this box if you want end-users to be able to select a configuration item in Self Service when they are registering a new request and have picked this template.

Request template with asset selection checkbox
In the Asset field, end users are able to select the configuration items of the service instances for which they are covered by an active SLA. To make the list of selectable configuration items relevant to the end user, it is limited to the CIs that the end-user is linked to as an user and the CIs that do not have any users linked to them. When the end-user is submitting the request for a specific service, the list of CIs is further limited to the ones that make up the relevant service instance.

Submit request in Self Service with Asset field
You may be wondering why this checkbox is called “Asset selection in Self Service” rather than “Configuration item selection in Self Service”. That’s because end users may get a little frustrated when they see a complex-sounding ITIL term like “configuration item”.

By using the term “asset” instead, we have also ensured that organizations, which use 4me for the support of their HR and facility management processes, can use this new feature without any customization.