Assign Project Tasks to Teams

Project taskProject tasks can now be assigned to teams. This is something that many customers have asked for, because it makes it easier for project managers to plan their projects.

Project managers can now simply assign a project task to a team. Later, when the workflow automation updates the status of the task to ‘Assigned’, the coordinator of the team can decide which team member to assign it to. Or, if the team does not have a coordinator, all members of the team get notified and the project task will show up in their My Inbox view.

Team selection in project task

It is important to note that the Team field for project tasks works a little different than the Team field of change tasks. In project tasks, the Team field can be left empty. If it is empty, the project task can be assigned to anyone, even end users. This allows people to work on project tasks in the 4me App and 4me Self Service without requiring the Specialist role (which would make them a billable user). As soon as a team is selected in the Team field of a project task, it can only be assigned to members of this team.

Just like in change tasks, the Team field is not available when the category of a project task is ‘Approval’.