Assigning After Relating to a Workflow


When a request (or problem) is related to a workflow, the assignment is automatically set to the manager of that workflow.  This makes sense in many cases, but in other cases, for example where the request was already assigned and the workflow manager is not involved in resolving it, it can be preferred to keep the assignment with the current team or member.  The new setting ‘Assign related requests and problems to workflow manager’ on the Workflow Template form makes this possible.

Assign requests and problems to workflow manager

This new setting is checked by default.  When it is unchecked, requests and problems that are related to a workflow based on that workflow template are not automatically assigned to the workflow manager.

Consequently, a request or problem is now allowed to be set to status ‘Workflow Pending’ when the member is still empty.  This entails that the request or problem cannot be auto-completed when the related workflow is completed.  Instead, the request/problem is then set back to ‘Assigned’.