Audit Trails Opens at Selected Audit Entry

Audit TrailA minor but helpful usability feature has been added for auditors and account administrators in the ‘Audit Entries’ section of the Settings console. In this section they have always been able to review audit entries. When they would select an entry, the entire audit trail that this entry is a part of opens on the right side of the screen.
If the record for which the selected audit entry was generated, had been updated several more times following the generation of the selected audit entry, the selected audit entry would be too far down the audit trail to be visible on the screen. In such cases, the auditor or administrator would have to scroll down until the selected audit entry, which would be highlighted in yellow, become visible.
Audit trail with selected audit entry highlighted
This scrolling is no longer necessary because now the audit trail automatically scrolls down to the selected entry. The selected entry does not get presented at the very top of the screen, though. This ensures that the user is aware that the record was modified after the generation of the selected audit entry.