Auto-Mapping in Account Sync

Account sync

Since the original introduction of 4me Account Sync earlier this year, many record types, including the most relevant ones such as request and task templates and UI extensions, have been added to this feature. It was also made possible to select a distinct set of records of a certain record type to be synchronized with an other environment. Now, in certain situations, it is even possible to map people and organizations automatically during the sync process. This is the case when 4me detects that both the source and the target account have the same account ID. This is true for and, for example.

Mapping sync set

After importing the sync set in the target environment in the example above, 18 people needed to be mapped. For QA to production synchronizations, this is no longer needed. Users still have the option to manually change the automatic mapping, if they want. People and organizations that cannot be found in the target environment must still be mapped manually.