Automatically Clear Member on Agile Boards

Agile Board

In accounts where the ‘Agile’ option is enabled in the account settings, specialists are able to define and use agile boards, along with product backlogs and Scrum. Those agile boards consist of a number of columns which can be configured for automated action, to be executed when an assignment is placed in that column. A new checkbox option for such automated action has now been added to the agile board columns.

Agile column clear member

If the ‘Clear member’ option is enabled on an agile board column, the Member field is automatically cleared. This is useful in situations where a developer picks up a request but decides to place it back on the ‘Intake’ column, or when an enhancement needs to be tested or reviewed by another person from the same team.

The Clear member checkbox is only visible if the Action of the column is set to ‘Assign’. Checking the box also disables the Member field in the dialogue window of the agile board.