Automatically Translate Text in Custom Fields


The field names of custom fields defined in UI extensions in 4me could already be translated in the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console, but now the contents of those fields can be translated as well. Automatically, even.

Auto translate option

When an administrator or designer creates a UI extension using the ‘Snippet’ functionality, a new option is now available for text fields when either the Multiline or Rich text option is selected: Auto translation.

After the UI extension is activated and related to a request template, for example, text in the custom field of a request is automatically translated into the language selected in the profile settings of the person who is looking at it.

Auto translate custom field

The yellow icon next to the text indicates that the text was auto-translated. Clicking it toggles the text to the original language.

Existing UI extensions that need to be made auto-translatable can easily be adjusted by adding the data-auto-translation attribute to the relevant fields in the HTML section.

Auto translate custom field html