Automation Rules Can Complete Requests as Any Member

AutomationWhen the status of a request is set to, for example, ‘Accepted’ or ‘Completed’, 4me automatically sets the Member field to the current user. A different person cannot be selected in the Member field without causing the status to be updated to ‘Assigned’.

This logic has now been relaxed for the Account Administrator role. Account administrators will not notice a difference when they update a request in 4me’s user interface, but when they use the 4me REST API, they are now able to select a different person in the Member field when they update a request’s status. This change was made to give more flexibility to automation rules.

The automation rules are executed as the account owner, which is why the automation rules are limited to the access rights that the Account Administrator role provides. This prevented the automation rules from setting the status of a request to ‘Completed’ while at the same time selecting a specific person in the Member field. Now that the rules for the Account Administrator role have been relaxed for the Member field, this has become possible.