Automation Rules on Person Record


Automation rules were already available for many record types, including requests, problems, workflows, tasks, project tasks, and their respective templates.  It is now also possible to build automation rules on person records.

A typical use case is the following.  Since the release of the enhancement that allows users to register themselves, it is possible that a person record is not related to an organization.  This field can of course be updated manually, to keep the person records organized.  But, when possible, it is always better to be able to automate such updates.  In many cases, the person’s email address can be used for this.  A person with an email address that ends with ‘’ can then be added to the ‘Company’ organization.  For this, a few extra string manipulation operators would come in handy.

The following string manipulation operators have been added and described in the help page for Automation Rule Operators:

  • lstrip
  • rstrip
  • start_with?
  • end_with?
  • match?
  • include?
  • exclude?
  • ljust
  • rjust

Using the end_with? operator, it is now possible to create the following rule: If the organization of a person is empty, and the primary email ends with, then set the organization to ‘Widget Data Center Guests’.

Automation rule person

Do remember that person records can be kept in a directory account.  Automation rules only work on the person records of which the account is the same as the account in which the automation rule is defined, though.