Availability Target Increased to 99.95%

Service Offering

4me® is a high availability system, which means that the percentage of time our service is available to the users is exceptionally high.  Conversely, the amount of time the service is unavailable to our users is exceptionally low.  We’re talking about less than 5 minutes since 2020, corresponding to an availability of 99.999%, or “five nines”.  We achieve this high level of availability through rigorous (automatic) testing and an excellent infrastructure and code architecture.

The availability target for the Premium 4me Service offering has been increased from 99.8% to 99.95%.  As this target has been met consistently over the previous years, we can now give this commitment with confidence to all customers on the premium pricing plan.  The new Premium 4me Service Offering can be found from the Records console.

Pingdom availability 100 percent

A history of the availability of 4me’s environments is available from the Pingdom website.