Avoid Insecure Attachments

AttachmentWhen a 4me account is created for an organization, the security settings for this account now limit the file types that its 4me users are allowed to upload as attachments or inline images.

By default, only files with the following extensions are permitted:

  • csv, log, txt,
  • bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, mp4, pdf, png, svg,
  • doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx


File extensions whitelisted by default

The Extension whitelist field is automatically populated with these file extensions when a new 4me account is created.  That saves account owners the trouble of having to think of a sensible whitelist for their organization.

Note that the extension whitelist is maintained in the ‘Security‘ section of the Settings console.  Only the owner of a 4me account has access to this section.