Avoiding Duplicate Notes

NoteWhen a specialist sets the status of a request to ‘Completed’, the Note field becomes required.  The same thing happens, for example, when the status is set to ‘Waiting for…’ in a problem or task.

But it happens fairly frequently that specialists add a note, save the record and then realize that they forgot to update the status.  If the status was then updated to one that causes the Note field to become required, the specialist was forced to add another note, even though the previous note already provided the information that the specialist wanted to add.

This caused some frustration.  To address this, 4me no longer makes the Note field required for a specialist if the same specialist added the previous note less than an hour ago.  This should give specialists ample time to correct the status without having to enter another note.

Request set to status Completed with optional Note field

This usability feature has been added for all record types that have a note field, i.e. requests, problems, releases, changes, change tasks, projects and project tasks.