Azure DevOps App in 4me App Store


Organizations that want to integrate 4me® with Azure DevOps can now easily do so.  A new app has been added to the 4me App Store: the Azure DevOps app, by Expertize.  This integration app works similarly to the Jira app, another app that Expertize provides on the app store.

azure dev ops app

The Azure DevOps app creates a bidirectional connection between 4me and Azure DevOps. Requests, workflows, and tasks can be transferred to DevOps, where they are registered as work items.  New comments or status updates are also transferred to the work item as comments.  Comments created in these work items in DevOps are transferred to the original ticket in 4me.  The app can be installed from the 4me App Store by pressing the Add button on the app tile, and then filling out the details in the configuration tab.

The Azure DevOps app is freemium.  A premium version is available as well.  For more information about the premium version and acquiring a premium license key, please contact Expertize.

azure dev ops integration