Beautiful Email Designs

Email DesignSupport organizations are now able to perfect the styling of the email notifications that 4me generates for their end users and specialists. The new Email Design functionality makes it possible to use HTML to define the styling (including backgrounds, fonts, colors, tables, images, etc.) of these notifications.

Apart from ensuring that the email notifications comply with the organization’s corporate identity, you can also use the Email Design functionality to translate the standard texts that need to be included in these notifications. The email signature, for example, may need to be translated into all the languages that the organization supports so that it gets sent out in the recipient’s preferred language.

Multiple email designs can be defined. That allows for a specific design to be applied to an email template that is used to generate notifications that need to look a little different.

Email design selection in email template
If you are a 4me account administrator and you feel comfortable with HTML, this may be the time to create a stunning-looking email design. The ‘Email Designs’ section is waiting for you in the Settings console.