Best Effort SLA Resolutions Over Time

Line and bar graphAnother SLA report has been added to the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console. This report has a specific focus on requests that are linked to an affected SLA but for which a resolution target was not stipulated.
This report can be useful, for example, when a support organization wants to try to set a target for each commonly submitted request for change (RFC) or request for information (RFI). It makes it easy to find the requests for which a standard service requests has not yet been made available.
Best Effort SLA Resolutions Over Time report
A standard service request is created by linking a request template to a service offering. In the service offering, it is then possible to specify a resolution target for the request template. This resolution target is subsequently applied to each request that is linked to the request template and that was submitted by someone who is covered by an SLA that is based on the service offering.