Billable Users in People Views

Personal access token

From the person records it is now possible to get an overview of which users in an account are billable for the 4me service and which users are not.  This can be especially helpful for larger organizations whose number of employees fluctuates or where 4me users have roles in more than one account.

The people views in the Records console can now be filtered by ‘Billable’ to make it easy to find all people who have a billable role in the account that is selected in the Account Switcher.  This will show all billable users that are registered in the account of the current user and those that are registered in its directory account. Using the ‘Customize Columns’ option from the Ellipses menu, the ‘Billable’ column can also be made visible in these views.  Users from trusted accounts will have no value in this column.

People records filter billable

When exporting records from the people view to obtain information about billable users, make sure to select the ‘Roles’ option, as shown in the screenshot below, which will include the ‘Billable’ column.  This column, just as the ‘Billable’ filter, is only visible for people with the Auditor, Administrator, or Financial Manager role.

Export people roles billable