Billing Integration: Effort Classes on Skill Pools


It is now possible for persons with the Financial Manager or Account Administrator role to relate effort classes to a skill pool.  This change was made to limit the chances of specialists selecting an incorrect effort class when registering a time entry.  By relating effort classes to a skill pool, only people who are part of that skill pool are able to select those effort classes.

Effort classes skill pool

As an example, imagine that Grace Weller, who is part of the Software Architects skill pool shown above, writes a time entry. The effort classes that are available to her are the ones that are not linked to a skill pool, plus the ones that are linked to the skill pool(s) that she is part of.

Frank Watson, who is only in the Expense Reporting Developers skill pool, could then be presented with the Developer-effort classes, and not those intended for architects.  This way, the options are reduced for the specialists, avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

Time entry effort class