Bringing Together Incident, Knowledge and Problem Management

RequestMore work has been done to further tighten the integration between the Incident Management, Knowledge Management and Problem Management processes. Now, when a knowledge article is applied to a request and this article is linked to a problem, the request gets added to the problem.

Request linked to knowledge article and problem
In addition, the selection of the category for a new request has been perfected. When a service desk analyst selects a knowledge article in the Service Desk console to open a new request, the category of this new request would always be set to ‘RFI – Request for Information’. Now the category is set to ‘Incident – Request for Incident Resolution’ when the new request is opened using an article that is linked to a problem. It is, after all, more likely that a new request concerns a recurring issue when it is related to a known error (see also KCS and Problem Management Integration).