Broadcast a Message to Your Customers

BroadcastsWhen a support team is planning some maintenance on a service, it would be great if you could let the users of the service know about this. Because we just added the Broadcast feature, you are now able to do this. People who have been following 4me for a while will not be surprised that this new feature does not simply send out messages to everyone. That would be terribly unsophisticated.

After you have entered the message that you want to broadcast, you can do a few things to make sure your message reaches the correct people. To start, you may want to translate the message in other languages when the people you target have different language preferences. Next, you may want to limit the time during which the message gets broadcast. After all, it is a bit embarrassing when someone forgets to switch off the broadcast when it is no longer relevant.


The best thing is probably that you can target a specific audience. For example, if the SAP service is going to be down for maintenance, there’s no need to inform people who do not use SAP. Such messages would only confuse them.

The messages are displayed at the top of the Self Service pages for the end-users. Specialists see the messages below their inbox whenever they access 4me.


When there are multiple broadcasts active for someone, the messages automatically alternate so each is displayed in turn. It is also possible to add basic formatting to the message text. Even hyperlinks can be added so that you can direct users to a site where they can find more information or where they can download a useful app.

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