Broadcasts for Service Desk Analysts

BroadcastBecause service desk analysts often spend most of their time in the Service Desk console, they may not see the broadcasts that are intended for them. Also, when they are assisting someone, it would help if they could see the broadcasts that are relevant for this user.

Both concerns have now been addressed. When a service desk analyst accesses the Service Desk console, the broadcasts targeted at him/her are displayed in the bottom left corner. And as soon as someone is selected in the User field, the broadcasts for the selected user become visible.
Broadcasts in Service Desk console
This makes it possible, for example, to remind users of an upcoming outage. Users may not yet have seen this broadcast in 4me Self Service, and the service desk analysts may not be the target audience of this broadcast because they do not use the service that is going to be unavailable. Still, it will impress users that the service desk knows about the planned outages that are going to affect them.