Show Broadcasts in Requests from Specific Customers

BroadcastService provider organizations, whether internal or external, may have some customers with which special arrangements have been made. In such cases, it can be important to inform specialists about this when they are about to start working on a request from such a customer. This is now possible thanks to a new option that has been added to 4me’s Broadcast functionality.
This new option can be found in the ‘Broadcasts’ section of the Settings console. When a service desk manager or an account administrator goes to this section to prepare a new broadcast and selects this new option, one or more customer organizations can be selected.
New broadcast for specialists in requests from selected customers
After the customer organizations have been selected and the broadcast has been activated, the broadcast message gets displayed in any request that originated from these customers.
Broadcast for specialist in request from selected customer
This works for enterprises that can select their departments as customers, but it works just as well for managed service providers (MSPs) that have linked their 4me account with the 4me accounts of their enterprise customers. In such cases, the MSP can select the organization records that are linked to their customer’s 4me accounts when they set up such broadcasts (i.e. the same organizations that the MSP can select as the customer of its SLAs).
These broadcasts are displayed only for the people who have the Specialist role of the 4me account in which the broadcast is registered.