Build Your Own Dashboards

DashboardSpecialists are now able to create their own dashboards. When they go to the Analytics console and open the ‘Dashboards’ section, they can press the Add button in the toolbar (the one with the big + sign) to open a new dashboard.

New dashboard

Selecting the reports for a dashboardAfter giving the new dashboard a name, it is time to add some reports to it.

Pressing the Add Reports button causes a dialog to pop up. This dialog can then be used to select one or more reports from the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console.

Initially, after the reports have been selected, they take up the full width of the dashboard.

Reports added to dashboards

The name of the reports on the dashboard can now be modified. This can be done after pressing the little pencil (Edit) icon of a report. Placing one of the dashboard’s reports in Edit mode also makes it possible to apply filters to it.

Adjusting the name and filter of a report on the dashboard

Note that it is not necessary to specify a filter for each report if that filters needs to be applied to all reports. A filter that needs to apply to all reports (or at least to the reports for which the filter is available) can be set for the Dashboard itself using the ‘Add Filter…‘ option below the dashboard’s Name field.

Filter added to dashboard

By applying filters at the dashboard level, it becomes easy to adjust these filters later. A dashboard filter also makes it possible to quickly create a similar dashboard using the Action menu option ‘Duplicate Dashboard’ and subsequently applying a different filter.

Once all the names and filters have been set, it is time to make the dashboard look good. This can be done by resizing the reports and dragging them to a new position on the dashboard.

Custom dashboard in 4me

Sharing Dashboards

Specialists are not able to share the dashboards they prepared with their colleagues. They can, however, ask someone who has the Account Designer or Account Administrator role of their organization’s 4me account to make their dashboard available to everyone.

That is because a person who has the Account Designer or Account Administrator role can see everyone’s dashboards. When they place someone’s dashboard in Edit mode, they are able to update its Visibility field from ‘Private’ to ‘Shared’.

Sharing a dashboard

Please be aware, though, that once the visibility of a dashboard has been set to ‘Shared’, its creator is no longer able to edit or delete it unless the creator has the Account Designer or Account Administrator role.

Displaying a Dashboard

Organizations that have large screens mounted to present dashboards to their support teams and/or to the supported employees, can open a 4me dashboard on each screen. The Enter Full Screen button, which is available in the toolbar above the dashboard, can be pressed to maximize the size of the dashboard.

Enter full screen dashboard

A dashboard automatically refreshes once every 5 minutes.

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