Built-in Headers Removed From Widgets


Up to now, most widgets that can be placed on the 4me Self Service homepage did not have built-in headings, but the ‘my_open_requests’ and ‘my_completed_requests’ widgets did. This inconsistency, in some cases leading to an orphaned header when there were no requests to display, has now been resolved: the built-in headings of the ‘my_open_requests’ and ‘my_completed_requests’ widgets have been removed.

Widget without header

This means that for a header to be displayed on these (and other) widgets, it has to be included in the snippet. This has the advantage that organizations can determine themselves what these headers should look like. An example of a snippet including the widgets ‘my_open_requests’ and ‘my_inbox’ including headers is given below.


Organizations that include widgets on their 4me Self Service homepage should verify if this change has affected their Self Service design.