Bulk Translations


In our global economy, it is commonplace for most organizations to interact with people who speak different languages on a daily basis. That’s why 4me provides its users with translation capabilities out of the box. This is done on three levels. Auto-translation of notes makes sure that any note that is added in another language than that of the reader is instantly translated in the language that this user has defined as their preferred language. 4me translators make sure that the user interface elements of 4me are maintained in all supported languages on a weekly basis, in most cases. The third level of translation concerns the configuration data of the customer organizations. Services, request templates, knowledge articles, and many other records should also be made available in the languages that the organization supports. They can do this in the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console.

Translations here are done manually, although the AI of the translation service always suggests a translation. This can then be accepted by the person responsible for the translation, or not. It is done on a case by case basis, which is important, because translations should be done as accurate as possible, so that end users can always make the correct choices when they register a request, for example. Sometimes, though, a translator must translate many records, and prefers to just accept all the suggestions given by the translator service’s AI. This is now possible.

Bulk translation

If for a language the state ‘Missing’ or ‘Outdated’ is selected, the ellipsis menu (⋮) has the option ‘Translate All’ if no record is selected and also ‘Translate Selected’ if multiple records are selected.