Change Calendar Improvements

Change CalendarA few useful features have been added to the 4me Change Calendar. These improvements were added to ensure that very large support organizations, which manage hundreds of services, are still able to make effective use of the Change Calendar.

The first enhancement is a scrollbar that allows the user to scroll down when there is not enough room to display all implementation tasks.

ITRP Change Calendar with vertical scrollbar

The second improvement is an additional view option. It is called ‘Changes for My Services’. When this option is selected, the user will see the implementation tasks that are going to affect one or more service instances and are linked to a change that is related to a service for which the user is the owner or the change manager.

Changes for My Services option of the ITRP Change Calendar

The next feature that was added is a Search box above the list of services. Entering part of a service’s name filters this list down to the services which name includes the characters in the Search box. Since there are already quite a few 4me customers that support well over a hundred services, this makes it a lot easier to select or deselect a specific service.

Search box to filter services

The fourth new usability feature allows users to save their view options by simply adding a bookmark in their browser. Using this bookmark will then open the Change Calendar showing the implementation tasks of the changes that the user is interested in. That’s because the options that a user selects are now included in the URL.

View options included in the ITRP Change Calendar URL

Keep in mind that when a service is selected, the Change Calendar shows all implementation tasks that will affect a service instance and that are part of a change that is related to the selected service. In addition, the calendar shows any other tasks that could potentially conflict with these tasks.